MaltaShopper FAQs page

Ordering Process


How do I register and place an order? 

Firstly, to get a quotation and place an order on our website you need to have an account. You can create an account by selecting REGISTER NOW on our website at the top right.

Browse the whole range of available products on our website and just add the items you want to order to your cart. 

When you are ready to pay, select whether you want to PICKUP your goods, have them DELIVERED. Fill out all your details on the next page and get ready to pay! 

Our standard delivery service will deliver your products within 7-10 working days of your order.

Many items are kept in stock so in that case, your waiting time would be minimal.


I'm a Business Client, is the ordering process the same for me? 

No, upon registration you're going to need to register with your Company name and VAT number. This will ensure that once your orders have been processed and paid for, you will be able to view and download a VAT invoice from your My Orders page. Everything else is exactly the same. 


Can I make changes to my order after I've paid?

No. You do not have the function to change your order just yet especially once it has been paid. However, you’re more than welcome to contact us to cancel a product that is in your order. We will credit your account with the full value of the product as well as the shipping charge. This credit can be used on a new order or refunded back to you.


What if products are out of stock from IKEA?

It is possible that some items are out of stock at IKEA. Remember, IKEA is very popular in Sicily and hundreds of people visit every day so even the information regarding availability on their website might not be accurate. We do not represent IKEA so we cannot have this information until the day the goods arrive in our warehouse.

You should always receive an email from us with an Order Update after we received every shipment.

But don’t worry! We collect goods twice a week and are super-focussed on ensuring that your goods get to you ASAP!

If the items are simply out of stock they will be kept on back-order until you choose to cancel the items or until they are no longer available from IKEA. In both cases, you will receive the full amount in credit in your account for these items.

Maltashopper Limited is not, in any way, liable for the inconvenience caused by missing/out of stock/unavailable items from IKEA. Any cancelled orders/items, which have already been paid for, will be refunded.


Payments & Accounts


What are the payment options available to me?

  • Pay online by VISA or MasterCard
  • Send a cheque payable to Maltashopper Limited to the following address:  Maltashopper Limited, 162, Cannon Road Santa Venera, SVR 5534. Please note that the value of a cheque must be of over €20 otherwise it can not be accepted.
  • Transfer payment to our:

Bank Of Valletta account number 40020284811

IBAN : MT45VALL22013000000040020284811

Swift Code: VALLMTMT

Branch: Preluna Towers, Sliema

  • Pay in person at Maltashopper, 162, Cannon Road, St.Venera, SVR 5534, Malta.

Please add your order number to the transfer details or with the cheque sent by post so that we can match the payment to your order immediately and thus add your order to our open consignment at the time of receipt of payment.

REMEMBER: Paying with your VISA/Mastercard guarantees an immediate addition of your order to our open consignment.

If you are paying by CHEQUE/BANK TRANSFER, the order will only be added to our open consignment at the time once the funds are in our hand.

(ie: The cheque is received / bank transfer shows up on our statement)


I am a Business Client, how can I track my transactions with your company?

Contact us by email at and we will be more than happy to help you with invoices and statements. 


Delivery & Collection


When will you deliver my order?

Once the items arrive in our warehouse we will contact you regarding delivery. Deliveries are scheduled depending on your area and usually start the Monday after the shipment arrives in our warehouse. Delivery times are Monday - Friday from 8am-4pm.


What if I can't make the delivery date you sent me?

If the delivery date that we gave you doesn't work for you just let us know and we will try to accommodate your request. You're more than welcome to come and collect the goods from our offices once they arrive or perhaps have someone accept delivery on your behalf instead. You can also change the delivery address, however, that might mean that we have to change your delivery date too, so just send us an email with any issues and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We can also call an hour before to let you know we're on the way. 


Can I move my delivery appointment to the following week?

We will happily shift your appointment to the week you request! However, we want to get your products to you as quickly as possible due to our own storage limitations and to make you a happy customer! 


I live in an apartment block. Will you deliver to my flat?

We deliver to ground floor only. If you need the delivery to a higher floor you will need to secure the services of a lifting company and coordinate delivery times with our delivery department. Any lifting charges are to your account. 


I live in Gozo. Is there an extra charge involved?

Nope! Gozo deliveries are normally scheduled once a week at no extra cost. 


What if I can't accept the delivery or pick up my order during the week that it's available?

If you are unable to accept delivery or collect the order during the week that order is available, we will do our best to accommodate your request by giving you other delivery options. 


When can I collect my goods?

As soon as you receive the Order Update saying that the order has arrived you can come to collect your items! 


I paid for delivery during checkout. What if not all my items are in stock during the first delivery? Do you deliver again?

We will always contact you with a new delivery date once more products arrive for you! The delivery charge covers all products in that order.  

I paid the delivery charge but I’d rather collect the order when it arrives, is that possible?

Of course! Always let us know that you’re going to collect to make sure that we prepare your goods, ensuring a smooth collection here in the office. You will also be credited the delivery fee once you opted not to take delivery. Collection can take place Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4:30 pm and Saturday from 9am-1pm.


The item codes on the products I received do not match the original codes I ordered... what does this mean?

Keep in mind that IKEA's catalogue shows combinations of items put together. These combinations would have ONE code that is made up of many IKEA products which are all sold separately and thus different availability. We as Maltashopper, have to break down these combination codes that clients order as IKEA only source individual items for us as they do in the store. At the bottom of every page, you would be able to check whether the code you're ordering is made up of individual products or not.



Damages, Returns & Warranty


What happens if any of my items are damaged or broken by the time they arrive?

We are responsible for delivering your items in good condition. Be sure to check your items with our delivery men when they are delivered and let them know of any visible damages to the boxes. To be considered for return, the items need to be in their original packaging which must be in excellent condition. Items damaged by the customer cannot be returned to IKEA. Any claims about damaged items should be submitted with photographic evidence to within 48hours.

We cannot accept returns of any kind without their original packaging. The barcode and item code of the item would need to be visible/legible.


Do my purchases have any warranty?

All items that we deliver will have the standard IKEA warranty conditions. Maltashopper Limited is not a franchise or local branch of any other entity. In particular, Maltashopper Limited is not related in any manner whatsoever to IKEA and makes no representations or warranties on IKEA’s behalf. Mattresses/textiles which have been opened and thus not sealed in the same way they were delivered are not returnable due to hygienic reasons. Items like real plants cannot be returned or cancelled from the order after they were purchased from IKEA. We do not recommend purchasing kitchen appliances from IKEA through us as it is possible that their warranties will not be applicable in Malta.

 You can contact our returns department on 20347777 or


Can I return items that I bought from you?

You can return products you bought with us as long as:

- The item is in its original packaging.

- The item barcode and item code number are clearly showing.

- The item was bought within the last 4 months.

Should you wish to return products, please send pictures of the items in their original packaging with their barcode number clearly visible to


Catalogue Help


Can I get a catalogue?

As part of an environmental campaign, IKEA is no longer printing a catalogue. You may find a digital catalogue here:  

Can you help me design my rooms?

IKEA has a number of online tools that allow you to design your own space online. You can find the link here.

We do offer design services for kitchens and wardrobes. However, we do not work with appointments as our designer is based abroad. If you would like us to help with a wardrobe/kitchen design, there is a design fee as below:


Wardrobe Design Fee: EUR100

Kitchen Design Fee: EUR100


Feel free to drop an email on with all the necessary measurements, plans, and your requirements that we would need to create your design. You can send your design fee to us via Bank Transfer/Cheque/Cash or even using your Visa/Mastercard in store. Designs can take around 3 working days to be completed. As soon as the design is finished, we will be able to send the design to you by email and you ask to have any readjustments made where needed. 

-- Please note that the price is per 3D design. We are not able to send any 3D designs via email unless the fee has been settled --